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TRITIUM will be with you and your family preventing and acting in needed time so that together we can protect each other.

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Tritium S.A C.V

We are a 100% Mexican company  that originated here in San Miguel de Allende, committed to improve the security, tranquility and wellness of our clients. Our purpose is to satisfy the needs of security in the  patrimonial assets of our citizens and their families.


Our main objective is to provide complete satisfaction with our client, and offer solutions according to your needs by listening, analyzing and managing the needs and necessities of each and every one of our clients. In addition to this we provide a complete analysis of risk areas that you could have inside your home or office or neighborhood.

Our Values

We are a honest company, backed by our work that continues to grow based on the trust given to us by our clients. We search for a greater sense of security and tranquility by having a synergistic relationship with our clients not only can we provide a better service, we can also maintain a great and close relationship.

Our purpose

 To satisfy the needs of security in order to insure that a persons family and important assets are kept safe.


Provide a service that excels using our years of experience in both security and technology. This will provide us with  the opportunity to provide a service that will make our clients feel more at peace.


To be a Company with a reputation in honor and integrity and that the implementations of our services are not only the best but provide a sense of accomplishment for us and our client.




In order to protect our family it is essential to first protect our home. Our security systems are designed in a way that they not only provide a better sense of our surrounding and security, but will also allow our clients to experience a smarter home.They are interconnected and placed in a specific and strategic manner, which will cover specific vulnerable points where an incident could arise within your home or office (theft , fire, etc.)Thus avoid loss of properties or information of utmost importance for you.

This will allow you and your family to feel safer. Our highly trained personnel will be sure to assist you in any kind of situation in order to provide you with a service that you can be proud of.









Monitoring Center

All our alarm systems are always being monitored in our center , where our highly trained personel will assist you 24 hours a day in case of an emergency ( theft, fire, etc.).

You can be assured that we will provide a swift service in order to minimize any damage that could occurs to your property.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems are interconnected and placed in a specific and strategic maner, which will cover different points that could be used to violate your security. By having your alarm monitored 24/7 and supervisors ready to react, we retard the progression of such losses.

Access control

Allows total control over access to different areas, whether common or restricted, within your home or offices. There are an endless types of access controls (card, fingerprint, keyboard). There is the perfect solution for each and every situation and its only a consult away!

Video surveillance

An essential tool that can aid an alarm in order to know what is currently happening in any situation. A combination of both systems can provide a wider arrange of tools.

Within your home or phone you will be able to monitor your system with our dedicated application.

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At Tritium our priority is to meet the security needs of the citizens' assets and their families.

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